With special attention to Targeted Marketing and Superior HD Media we facilitate a quicker sale at a premium price. Throughout the process, you will be kept up to speed with activity, data-backed marketing reports and guidance to help reach a successful settlement.

To find buyers most Realtors use: 

  • MLS (Multiple Listing System) Entry
  • Syndicate Listing to Real Estate Websites
  • Signage On Property
  • Direct Email Marketing
  • Open Houses

In addition to the normal listing services listed above we provide marketing and other tools that many other Realtors do not:

  • HD & Aerial Photography 
  • Matterport 3D Tour: Literally walk through every corner of a listing virtually from a computer or device. 
  • Video Advertisement: HD video commercial with custom voiceover.
  • Robust Network Marketing (Vast Audience and Many Clients Looking To Buy)
  • Web and Social Media Advertising Features (Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • ProspX CX Customer Experience Management (Advanced Buyer Engagement)
  • Neighborhood Marketing (Print, Phone, Door to Door)
  • Coastal Highway Advertisement Impressions via Electronic Sign